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 A scribbled parchment

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PostSubject: A scribbled parchment   A scribbled parchment I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 11, 2009 7:05 pm

*Character name: Sonurau Frostfire

Character level: Currently lvl 42

*Alt or main: The more played Character, but he is indeed an alt.

*Race: Blood Elf

*Class: Warlock

*Why you want to join us: OOC i've been rping on SSL for nearly 3 years now and ive been apart of various guilds with other characters and really enjoyed the rp.
I made a warlock a while ago and would love him to be apart of an rp guild that plays the roll of more of the baddie IC and less of the wishy washy do gooder im used to >Smile
IC though Sonurau would rather enjoy a life at sea and a life of piracy, he is miscievious loves his drink and always up for causing trouble!

*Char history: Sonurau was born into a rich well to do family in Silvermoon, his mother a magister and his father a rather high ranking soldier.
Being in his plush surroundings and lavish lifestyle never really caught his imagination, he would alway's cause trouble and try and make his otherwise boring life that little bit more entertaining.
Though when his mother became ill and was behond magical healing she died leaving his destraut father to take care of the young Sonurau. His father after a few months found it hard to bare the loss of his beloved wife and slowly began to sink into a lonely isolated soul who also tragically died leaving Sonurau without either of his parents.
The young elf then came to live with his eccentric mad uncle (probably where Sonurau gets his rather flamboyant persona), a rather cruel old elf who studied the arts of shadow and demonology. Sonurau at the young he was took immediate interest and began to learn the arts slowly becoming even more of trouble maker and cruel than his mildly insane uncle.
When he was old enough he began to venture Azeroth learning more on his travels.

Notes: ((hope most of this is okay, this character is still kinnda in development XD))

You like rum: If it's alchoholic Sonurau will probably drink it!
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Caliph Jahraka
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A scribbled parchment Empty
PostSubject: Re: A scribbled parchment   A scribbled parchment I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 12, 2009 2:24 am

Thanks for the application, I read it and see good potential in this char for a marauding bastard Smile

As to me I am happy we raised interest as one of the rather villain like guilds on SSL. I will contact you soon in game on whisper and then we see if we can arrange something to meet.

Best Regards.

Captain Shadowtroll
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A scribbled parchment
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