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 History of the Salty Tide Privateers and Menethil Harbor.

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History of the Salty Tide Privateers and Menethil Harbor. Empty
PostSubject: History of the Salty Tide Privateers and Menethil Harbor.   History of the Salty Tide Privateers and Menethil Harbor. I_icon_minitimeSat May 02, 2009 1:02 pm

The Salty Tide Privateers; One of the most successful crews currently sailing the waves, yet..the Privateers have not always been so successful.

They first started out as the Bloodshard Raiders,part of the Bloodsail Buccaneers, a mere band of thugs and raiders, they sailed their ship; the Bloodshard, across the waves and plundered at sight and were lead by at that time, Captain, Nec Demonwretcher, after a short period..the seduction of gold and power claimed their hearts and they joined the Cabal of Ruin, a Cultist based organization that originally plotted the demise of the Council of Stormwind, and succeeded quite well several times.

Several months past, and failure was far more common than actual success, the aid they had given to the Bloodshard Raiders however was so immense that the Raiders were even capable of assaulting heavily armed Goblin and Horde Fortresses, the flow of money increased dramaticly, however..due to such rapid failure, Nec and his crew decided to abandon the Cabal and to leave the "landlubbers" to their deaths.

With the gold and jewels they had gotten, Nec saw one thing to do with these; To purchase a safe haven for the Bloodshard Raiders and to construct their own regime, especially one settlement caught his eye: Menethil Harbor.
Nec quickly sought audience with King Bronzebeard, and for reasons unknown, tales say that Magni wanted to fund his digging and archaeological expeditions, the Port was sold to the Captain.

Shortly after, Nec appointed a new Captain, a Draenei by the name of Laentar, and began making a fleet on a more massive scale, appointing himself as Admiral and renamed the Bloodshard Raiders to the Salty Tide Privateers, claiming their work to be completely legal and indeed, they had full permission from the now City-State of Menethil Harbor, as they were in charge of it after all, it had grown into a safe haven for criminals outlawed in other kingdom's and territory's, and this is exactly what he wanted to do.

Most of these criminals quickly got persuaded by the promises of the Salty Tide Privateers, and indeed..they filled its ranks, these criminals are now indeed honored members of the Privateers with high rank, and for some reason.. they now hold a high amount of loyalty to the City-State and the Admiral.

Several events had occurred, which halted the Privateer's progress, but they still are strong and with the recent return of Nec after he had been taken hostage by the servants of Neptulon, they now once again terrorize the sea.
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History of the Salty Tide Privateers and Menethil Harbor.
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