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 Salty Tide Rank System

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PostSubject: Salty Tide Rank System   Salty Tide Rank System I_icon_minitimeSat May 02, 2009 1:28 pm

The ranks of the Salty Tide are composed of the following:

Landlubbers, these are either new recruits of the Salty Tide Privateers and are similar to the rank of the traditional deckhand, within the guild, Villagers are also put on the rank of Landlubber.

Pirate, These are deckhands who have shown some potential and are ready for more responsible duties.

Privateers, Privateers are experienced sailors who have worked in the Salty Tide for a long time, or have shown incredible potential, most Privateers are heavily skilled either way, aswell in the art of Swashbuckling, or Sailing.

From this point, a member can be promoted to either of these 3 ranks, depending on what he/she likes the most.

Swashbucklers, One of the last possible ranks for standard crew members, the fighting crew of the Privateers, extremely skilled with a cutlass and quite bloodthirsty, only the most combat-worthy of the Privateers are chosen to fill this rank.

Cannoneer, On par with the Swashbuckler's rank in terms of command, these make sure both the Engineering on more mechanized ships and the Cannons on normal ships function properly, they aim em, they fire em, they blow everything to pieces if they have the order to do so, they are still extremely skilled in combat however, seeing as only full fledged Privateers are selected for this role.

Chief Cannoneer, The most skilled Cannoneer and Engineer of the Salty Tide fleet, he ensures the Cannoneers do their job properly.

Navigator, the Navigators of the Salty Tide crew, also chosen from the full fledged Privateers, most of the Navigators are capable of reading and outlining our destination, they also work as scouts on land would it be required.

Chief Navigator, the most skilled Navigator of the Salty Tide fleet, like the Chief Cannoneer, he ensures the Navigators do their work.

First Mate, one of the highest ranks possible, several First Mates can be appointed due to the fact that the Salty Tides are composed of more than one ship, they have direct authority over the Swashbucklers and they take over command, should the Captain or Admiral not be present, they are one of the most skilled amongst the Salty Tide in direct combat.

Captain, the Captain of the Salty Tide Privateers, though the name indicates otherwise, he usually commands more than one ship and could be seen as a Fleet Master, currently Captain Laentar has taken this position and has been under Nec's service since the Bloodshard Raiders, he previously was the First Mate there, he is extremely skilled in combat, but also many other tasks such as Navigation.

Governor: An individual personally appointed by Nec to Govern the Wetlands and the City-State of Menethil Harbor, he or she indeed does have some control over the Salty Tide Privateers, however..this individual most of the time organizes the matters involving the City, aswell as diplomatic matters, this individual also gives the letter of marque to the Salty Tide Privateers, this individual usually has been in the Salty Tide Privateers him/herself for a long period, this individual was previously Pinny Screwbolt.

Admiral, the leader of the Salty Tide Privateers, currently being Nec.
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Salty Tide Rank System
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