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 Acnito Nightcrawler

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PostSubject: Acnito Nightcrawler   Acnito Nightcrawler I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 01, 2009 6:48 pm

Guild for which you apply: STP
*Faction: Alliance

*Character name: Acnito Nightcrawler
*Character level: 34... I think...
*Alt or main: alt

*Race: tiny
*Class: warlock/necromancer

*Why you want to join us: Izilda and anyana felt dull and... well I dotn had a real connection to them. Acnito however is crazy... has an evil laugh and got the feeling I want for an evil alt ^^...
*Char history: *bam! you got knocked on the head!* He is crazy, studied the arts of Necromancy and Demonology. A skilled engineer, jet not as a regular engineer would be found. As for now his most famous inventions are the Ac-Ni-Ato-Matic (something like that), a small boxx wich when opens releases a sleeping gass. The other invention is the Tonkel Wonkel, a strange cube with markings on it.... Tonkel wonkel al the way! Sadly most costumers find out shortly after buying it that the item is rather useless...
Other than this Acnito is a crazed gnome who talks a lot in the third person, calls everyone his minions and served the gnomerguard for a brief period of time. Crazy as he is he tend to keep it at an accepteble level I gues?
Notes:... Bow before me my minion! I am Dockter Proffesor Acnito Nightcrawler!

You like rum: I enjoy the finest drinks of the HammerBrew Brewery only!
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Acnito Nightcrawler
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