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 Royal Guard Recruitment Template

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PostSubject: Royal Guard Recruitment Template   Sun Dec 28, 2008 6:47 am

The Royal Guard are the security for the various activities kept by the Blackhands.
A Royal Guard doesn't know fear, regret and they keep a straight face all the time.
The Royal Guard is mainly in charge of the security of the king. Second comes the ambassador and captains.

Other duties of the RG is to tend to security in these places:
Meetings/gatherings of the Blackhands
VIP's / Friendly's of the Blackhands
Silvermoon bar

-Preferably have knowledge of stealth
-Have good RP skills
-Physically fit
-Excellent Combatant (when things go bad)

Training recieved when confirmed as a recruit:
-VIP Protecting
-Where the guards are posted and guard patterns in various locations.
-Close quarter protection (when king/cpt.s/ambassadors are at meetings)
-Handling of certain situations when combat is preferably avoided (bar/friendlies mainly)

Want to join the Royal Guard?

Write the following in an application here:
write a little about yourself and why you would be a good guard

RP experience (used to RP, new etc.)
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Royal Guard Recruitment Template
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