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Scurvy Dog

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PostSubject: Passing by..   Passing by.. I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 16, 2009 2:54 pm

Evening all. I've been pointed towards this forum several times, so here I am at last. Before I start with this application I'll have to mention that I can't promis endless activity due to quite some work irl and some other internet stuff as well. On the other hand, I'm hoping this is a pretty active guild so there are at least some people to talk to when one logs in. Lastly: I only read a small part of this forum so far, I'll do the rest another day.

*Character name: Blood Knight Railen Sunwhisper - Initiate -

*Character level: 15 as I typ this. This could either change exponentional if I feel like leveling, or incredibly slow if the rl calls, I'm not in the mood for leveling or my friend needs me.

*Alt or main: Still doubting wether I'll make this the alt or the main.. I think I'll leave my other characters for now and concentrate on this one.

*Race: Sin'Dorei.

*Class: Blood Knight, retribution.

*Why you want to join us:
- oocly: I'd just like to be in some fun guild for talking, rp'ing and I won't lie: some help occasionally. For example, I'm planning to go slightly twink at lvl 19 in WarSong Gulch to gather some honorpoints and practise my pvp'ing, since I haven't done that for ages.
- icly: either Railen's curious and just wants to join for fun and check things out, get more experience, or else he could join to "spy" for the Magisters - see if these pirates aren't doing too much wrong.

*Char history: In short: Railen was born in a happy family from the Magisterial Guard of Silvermoon. He was quickly introduced into the Blood Knight's order and trained fast to be at help in the war against the alliance and Northrend. When his father and mother travelled to Outland for aid, he took over their small blacksmithing shop to earn some money. He's loyal, generally friendly (although he might sound sarcastic to other races) and helpful, while he's still searching his own path/vision into the world. His purpose is to get his blacksmithing job to one of the toppers, as well as his rank in the Blood Knight's order and eventually return to his parents and maybe even help in the great war against whatever treath rises.

Notes: I'm doubting on staying at a simplified story like the one above, or add something else to get up some mysteries.

You like rum:
- icly: no.
- oocly: Rai drinks a littl', but he won't get drunk.

If there are any questions, shoot.
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Caliph Jahraka
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Mercenary Captain
Caliph Jahraka

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Passing by.. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Passing by..   Passing by.. I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 17, 2009 2:57 am

Looks pretty fair to me to be honest, I think the only thing which is needed now would be so we meet IC and have a talk, from there on we see how it goes.

I already explained you what are the plus and minuses of the guild so happy you are interested, just to warn you, since we RP underground we wont introduce us with our IC names and well tease you IC a bit to see how far your char would go.

Contact me OOC when in game if I dont get you first.

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Passing by..
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