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 Ships, crew and what the hell we do!

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Caliph Jahraka
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PostSubject: Ships, crew and what the hell we do!   Mon Feb 02, 2009 7:00 am

A description of our current ships and which man is under which Captain so we can keep on track. So here we go:

"The Kings Hate" is a big three mast Battleship under the command of Captain Shadowtroll. It has a cannon capacity of 25. Twenty under deck , ten on each side and five on deck located in the frontier part of the ship.

Crew members:

Captain: Shadowtroll

First mate: Donnie Danger the Dangerous

Boatswain: Snakeeyes

Navigator: Elisse

Sailor: Rignor

Sailor: Zebtastic

Sailor: Thralina and Haatom

Sailor: Malfuraion (aka Bloodhoof)

Sailor: Rrak (inactive)

Sailor: Mirathnagul (inactive)

Sailor: Sazjin

Sailor: Tamerking

Sailor: Melkorium

Idiots and entertainers: Drarkan and Eltaren

Cannoneers : Zeggit Screwblas and his ten goblin mercenarys!

"The Morning Star" is a two mast Cruiser with a cannon capacity of 15. Twelve under deck, six on each side just as three on deck as well located in the frontier part of the ship. The Morning Star is known for its speed and maneuvers.

Captain: Solanar

First Mate:







Attention guys and guls!
This is what we have and with what we RP , we will use these data in RP storys and RP according to this, you will be in game told to which crew and which ship you belong but please check this once in a while out to know whats its about since its gonna be updated.

Solanar please list down here your crew and sailors and I will later update it. Yarr!
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Ships, crew and what the hell we do!
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