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 Ranks updated! 27.09.2009

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Ranks updated! 27.09.2009 Empty
PostSubject: Ranks updated! 27.09.2009   Ranks updated! 27.09.2009 I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 27, 2009 5:19 pm

After the discussion on the Our Events section the officer team decided to finally bring in new ranks as the old ones wasn't doing it anymore. With these we hope to clarify the position of everyone within the guild and giving some clear characteristics what your toon has a duty.

Stowaway : The Inactivity rank. Members who stopped (temporary?) playing or are unable to continue at the moment, took absence with warning or just dont feel like it are put into this rank after 2 weeks (14 days) of not logging on their toon in the guild.

Deckhand : The trial rank. Every new member starts as a Deckhand, his job on the ship and within the crew are small tasks suck as swabbing the deck, bringing over messages or other. Once a Deckhand has proven skilled as pirate like in combat, loyalty to the Captain or other activity's within the guild such as attending events he can be promoted.

Pirate : The common member rank. People who've passed the trial period are promoted to pirates. Pirates make the core of every crew, they are primary send on pillages to obtain more booty for the ships treasury. Pirate's stand above Deckhands and have certain privileges above them.

Master Gunner : The Master Gunner is a pirate in charge of the cannons on his ship. His duty's are to make sure they are always work, that there are enough supplies and taking care of his gunner team. Engineerers are preferable for this duty.

Navigator : The Navigator is responsible for cartography and the only person besides the Captain who has the right to manevour the ship. His duty's are to report to his Captain frequently about the course of the ship.

Ships Champion : The Ships Champion is the strongest fighter on each Blackhands ship. He is appointed after defeating everyone in the crew in one on one combat. The Ships Champion is emblamaticall for its crew and represents it in many ways, especially when there are crew vs crew tournaments the Ships Champion fights for the pride of his vessel and crew.

Quartermaster : The Quartermaster is responsible for the supplies on his ship and the condition of the vessel itself. He has also as duty to share the booty as the Pirate Code demands to its crew members. The Quartermaster has a high rank amongst the crew and obtains certain privileges.

First Mate : The First Mate is the second in command after the Captain on his ship. He has the responsability to keep the crews discipline in order while the Captain is absent. The First Mate has privileges above all other crew members under him.

Captain : The Captain owns a ship and sails under the Bloodsail Blackhands flag. The Captain has to be skilled in combat, traveling the seas, drinking enourmous amounts of rum and having the respect of his crew. The Captain has his own crew which he designs to his liking, he obeys only the Admiral.

Admiral : The Admiral of the Bloodsail Blackhands crew is in charge of the whole fleet. He also has his own ship where he is the Captain. The Admiral needs to be a Pirate Lord within the Pirate Court and needs to have proven in all aspects of the Captain. His duty's are the organizing of pillages and maintaining discipline in the united Blackhands flag, for example making sure the Quartermaster gives fair shares to everyone within the crew.

Its late, and I'm a bit tired so don't be hard on me if I missed something these are the new ranks and they are in action.

There is also a dual crew system running, the two existing crews are named each after the ship they work on, they are:

The Morning Star

The Kings Hate

If you wanna know in which crew you're character is look on the public note in the guild tab, there is written which crew you belong too. If you have questions about the ranks, meanings, how to obtain one or you are not happy with the crew you've been assigned please post in this thread and the officer team will look into it.

Thanks all, and a hearty yarr for all of us!

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Ranks updated! 27.09.2009
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