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 Rules for the Salty Tide Privateers

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Rules for the Salty Tide Privateers Empty
PostSubject: Rules for the Salty Tide Privateers   Rules for the Salty Tide Privateers I_icon_minitimeSun May 03, 2009 10:38 am

This is a list of the rules which you would need to follow while in this guild, otherwise it can result in demoting or a guild kick.

~Following the Pirate Codex at ALL times, the punishments WILL be carried out upon violation.

~Like the Bloodsails, fully respecting the RP rules on this server, after are joining a RP guild

~Attacking BSB members or visa versa in an OOC style as the opposite faction is EXTREMELY prohibited, this might result in a lockdown of your character's RP, as he'll be put on a random Isle in the South Sea's, and perhaps a guild kick.

~Following OOC orders, of course your character might be a little bit of a ruffian In Character, but also do things if you are told to do so by higher ranking members Out of Character ( As in, for example..not flying on a flying mount on certain events etc ), the guild master ( me in this case ) is always right until further notice, if I am absent during a meeting, the officer's are always right until further notice.

~For the guild bank, you are free to take whatever you like, however..upon taking something, please do put something back of equal value, wether it is gold or similar items.

~We prefer not to have too many alts, but one alt is always possible..of course, it depends wether you are actually willing to RP on that char or are just in the guild for the chat or not.
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Rules for the Salty Tide Privateers
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